About Mecolam Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

We are based in Bangalore, India. We manufacture fibreglass products to suit various applications in large quantities. Mecolam moulds fibreglass plastic products (FRP) for Automobile industry, General Engineering, Wind Energy, Defence and Medical equipment. A sound infrastructure with trained manpower ensures manufacture of glass fiber reinforced plastic products in large quantities.


Mecolam was started in 1982 by our founder Mr. Mathews Paul, after his service in the Indian Air force. Started by supplying insulating components to the electrical engineering industries.



Our 60000 sq.ft manufacturing facility is equipped to take up fibreglass products in bulk. We manufacture products as per the specific properties and requirements.



We are ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company.



Mecolam, since its inception has manufactured diverse range of FRP products to suit many a segments of the industry. Mecolam currently manufactures fibreglass products for the Automobile industry, General Engineering, Medical equipment, Defence and Wind energy

Products at a glance

Our products range from single side hand-layup part to RTM double side finished parts.

Our Brand


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Manufacturing Solutions

Mecolam, manufactures Hand lay-up, Vacuum infusion and LRTM fibreglass products to suit customer requirements.

Hand Lay Up

We manufacture small to huge parts of different thickness and profile in hand layup moulding method.

Vaccum Infusion

Parts made with vacuum infusion method is better compared to hand layup parts, in its finish and mechanical properties.

Light Resin Transfer Moulding

Parts made in Light resin transfer moulding or LRTM in short, have double side finish better mechanical properties when compared to hand layup and vacuum infusion parts.

Key Industries

Automobile Industry

We manufacture several parts for the automobile industry. Most of the parts are either single side finish, Double side or of Textured finish. These are automobile parts like Dash board, Front and Back facia, Bumper, Engine hood etc.


General Engineering

We manufacture parts like machine covers, trays and boxes for the general engg industry. We also make parts as per customer specific requirements.



We have expertise in carrying out challenging projects for defence, which demands high technical properties for the products. We have carried out projects from idea stage to working model.


Wind Energy

Renewable energy is the future of energy production. We have expertise in manufacturing fibreglass parts for the wind turbines like nacelle cover, nosecone etc.


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